Blacksmiths Edit

The blacksmith is a NPC that you can find in places that sell Armor and Weapons. The first ones you will find are located in the Town Of Beginnings.

The weapons the Blacksmith sells are: Basic Swords, Lightweight Swords, Dungeon Swords, Great Swords, Sharpened Iron Blades, Tempered Iron Swords, Basic Axe, and Boosted Heavy Axes.

Blacksmiths also sell armor! They sell Leather Hood, Shirt, Pants, Boots. Along with Chain Coif, Mail, Pants, and Boots. They also sell stronger versions of the items named "Hardened Leather" and Tempered Chain"

Currently, Blacksmiths can be located in the Town of Beginnings, Honrunka, and Tolbana.


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